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Sferopedia jest wolną encyklopedią, lecz z dnia 22 marca 2008 r. staje się miejscem pracy nad projektem tłumaczeń PSCS z decyzji osób nad nim pracujących. Jest to element ułatwiający pracę nad tłumaczeniami, udostępniający materiały również tłumaczom spoza Sfer.



Harness Divinity [General, Faction-Dependent]

In studying the doctrine of the Believers of Source you have come to recognize divine potential within yourself, and have even begun to access your latent power. How you perceive it is up to you; many view it as a spark of divine flame that can be channeled while others simply manifest their desires on the multiverse through force of will. Prerequisite: Membership in the Mind’s Eye or Believers of the Source. Wis 11. Benefit: Choose either Cure Light Wounds or Inflict Light Wounds. You may cast the chosen spell once per day for every four character levels you possess as a cleric of your character level. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Cleanse Impurity [General, Faction-Dependent]

All Seekers must be at their best if they are to face every challenge before them, and thus it is a necessity to wipe away any damage done to body or soul that could hamper your quest. You have learned to use some of your inner divinity to do just that. Prerequisite: Membership in the Mind’s Eye or Believers of the Source. Wis 15, Harness Divinity. Benefit: You gain the spell-like ability restoration usable on yourself once a day as a cleric of your character level.

The Cycle of Testing [General, Faction-Dependent]

Godsmen believe that your outward form in this life reflects your choices in previous lives. Prerequisite: Membership in the Believers of the Source. Harness Divinity Benefit: Whenever you die, you may choose to be reincarnated as per the spell. This reincarnation takes effect ten minutes after you die.

Influence New Form [General, Faction-Dependent]

Some Godsmen learn to control their new forms as they learn the secrets of the multiverse. Prerequisite: Membership in the Believers of the Source. The Cycle of Testing Benefit: When you roll for your new form during reincarnation, you may add or subtract five to the result of the roll.

Sacred Form [General, Faction-Dependent]

Your body is a temple, a vessel of divine potential. Though the purpose of each life is to learn and change through experience, there are certain aspects that must remain pure and unmolested if you are to continue your ascension. Therefore, you have chosen to manifest your divine power to shelter yourself from unwelcome alterations to your body. Prerequisite: Membership in the Mind’s Eye or Believers of the Source. Wis 17, Cleanse Impurity, Harness Divinity. Benefit: You become immune to petrifaction and polymorph spells and effects that change your form such as baleful polymorph, flesh to stone, and reduce person. This does not apply to transmutation effects that do not cause a physical chance in form, such as slow, or to transmutation effects that would destroy your form completely, such as disintegrate. Any abilities you possess to change form are unhindered.

Descend the Chain [General, Faction-Dependent]

With enough understanding of their own position on the road to divinity, some Seekers develop the ability to temporarily shift to another state of being. The faction is currently divided on the use of this power; those who practice it argue that by becoming a lower life form they can appreciate aspects of this stage of existence they otherwise would not, while its opponents argue that by embracing descent they distract themselves from the lessons of this life. Prerequisite: Membership in the Mind’s Eye or Believers of the Source. Wis 19, Cleanse Impurity, Harness Divinity, Sacred Form, Control 15 ranks. Benefit: You gain the spell-like ability shapechange once a day as a sorcerer of half your character level. Unlike the spell there is no duration; instead, changing form requires a Control check (DC 15 + HD of the creature) and upon changing form you suffer 1d6 points of temporary Wisdom damage. Every two rounds afterwards you take an additional 1d4 points of temporary Wisdom damage until you resume your normal form or drop to 0 Wisdom, at which point the effect ends. Creatures typically immune to ability damage still suffer the damage when using this ability. For creatures such as undead that don't heal damage naturally, magical restoration may be necessary to remove the ability damage.

Complete the Cycle [General, Faction-Dependent]

Many Seekers are loath to allow their quest to be ended prematurely, particularly if they believe they still have lessons to learn from this life. Through their understanding of the cycle of the planes many find ways to manipulate the natural order so they will have a chance to finish their task. Arguments still rage over the ethics of this procedure and whether the reincarnated individual is really not just a new life robbed of its own fate. Prerequisite: Membership in the Mind’s Eye or Believers of the Source. Control 6 ranks, Knowledge (the planes) 6 ranks. Benefit: Upon death, you may choose to be reincarnated, as per the 4th level druid spell. One hour after your death, you are reborn at a random location on a plane of your choice where your new race is considered native. This plane becomes your new home plane. When rolling to determine your new form you may raise or lower the result by up to 10%, though you may only return as a humanoid or monstrous humanoid. Any feats or other abilities dependent on your home plane or race may cease to function as a result of your change in race and home plane. You must choose whether to use this power immediately after dying, though if a raise dead or similar effect is used on you before the hour has expired you are raised normally. Special: This feat will only work once, but may be taken multiple times, providing one extra reincarnation for every time it is taken. The DM has the final say on what races are acceptable for this feat.

Cumulative Life Experience [General, Faction-Dependent]

Many Godsmen believe that your intuition is the sum of the lessons you have learned in previous lives. Prerequisite: Membership in Believers of the Source Benefits: Membership in the Believers of the Source. A number of times per day equal to your wisdom modifier, you may add a +2 bonus to any one skill check. This bonus represents the intuition you’ve gained from past lives. You must choose to use this feat before the roll is made.

Previous Life Experience [General, Faction-Dependent]

Godsmen with enough past lives often discover that their intuition is strong enough to grant them a small amount of proficiency in skills that they have never trained in. Prerequisite: Membership in the Believers of the Source. Wisdom 13+, Cumulative Life Experience Benefit: You may attempt to use all skills untrained, even if they can normally only be used with training.

Disciple of the Foundry [General, Faction-Dependent]

At the Great Foundry, Godsmen spend countless hours working the forges. Prerequisite: Membership in Believers of the Source Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to all craft checks

Good With People [General, Faction-Dependent]

Godsmen see the divinity inherent in others, and interact with others well. Prerequisite: Membership in Believers of the Source Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to Diplomacy checks, and Diplomacy is always a class skill for you.

Imbue Equipment [General, Faction-Dependent]

You can imbue an item with a spark of your divinity, making it an extension of yourself and granting it magical properties. Such weapons have strong mystical ties to their creators, and can be a bane or blessing depending on who wields them. Prerequisite: Believers of the Source. Skill Focus (Craft). Benefit: You may create magical equipment that corresponds to your Skill Focus (Craft), such as Craft (Armorsmithing) or Craft (Weaponsmithing), as if you had the appropriate item creation feat so long as your character level equals the prerequisite spell caster level. You may use spell-like abilities or scrolls (which are consumed in the process) to create specific enchantments. You do not need to be able to activate the scrolls but must be able to read the magical script. This feat may only be used on items that you yourself craft.

Priest of the Great Unknown [General, Faction-Dependent]

The Athar venerate the Great Unknown, which they believe is the only true divinity. Prerequisite: Membership in the Athar or Godsmen, access to a domain. Benefit: You are now a priest of the Great Unknown, and you must renounce your former deity as a fraud. However, you retain all your spellcasting abilities and may replace your spell domains with any other spell domains of your choice (you may only do this when you first take the feat, and you may not choose an alignment domain unless you are of that alignment, i.e. you cannot choose the Law domain unless you are lawful). Normal: Priests may forsake their deity and worship the Great Unknown without taking this feat. However, they may not choose new domains when they do this. Clerics that worship the Great Unknown without ever having worshiped any previous powers gain access to the Knowledge domain as well as those domains that match their alignment.

Renewed Faith [General, Faction-Dependent]

Prerequisite: Membership in the Athar, Mind’s Eye or Transcendent Order. Benefit: Due to your belief in a power beyond deities (such as the Great Unknown, or the Self, or the Multiverse), your spellcasting powers remain intact regardless of what sins or grievances you committed against a deity that caused you to loose your powers in the first place. Full functionality of any cleric levels you have is restored to you. Thus, if you were (for instance) a cleric of Kord, but ceased to have faith in Kord as a deity (and became an ex-cleric), by taking this feat, all the powers that Kord granted you are restored. The difference is that now, they are awarded by a higher power than Kord that you believe in: the Great Unknown for the Athar, the Self for the Mind‘s Eye, and the Multiversal Harmony for the Transcendent Order. All divine magic this feat grants access to, and all divine magic gained after it’s acquisition, ceases to be called ‘divine’ magic, and abilities that affect ‘divine’ magic have no affect on these powers. In name, they are considered ‘Belief Magic,’ though this abides by the same restrictions and benefits of divine magic (e.g.: can be used in armor). However, things that affect divine magic (such as the Athar feat of Faithless Blessing) does not affect belief magic. Each faction has their own term for ‘belief magic.’ The Athar call it ‘The Unknown Power,’ the Mind’s Eye call it ‘Self-Empowerment,’ and the Transcendent Order call it ‘Harmony Magic.’

Talents of the Past [General, Faction-Dependent]

You have awakened vague memories of a past life, allowing you to learn some skills with inexplicable ease. Prerequisite: Membership in the Mind’s Eye or Believers of the Source. Benefit: Choose two cross-class skills. These skills become class skills for you.

What Kills You Makes You Stronger [General, Faction-Dependent]

Godsmen believe that their soul becomes stronger through learning from past mistakes, even the deadly ones. Prerequisite: Membership in Believers of the Source; You must have died at least once. Benefit: If your last death was caused by something that allowed a save, you gain a +2 bonus to that saving throw. If your last death was due to damage, you gain a +2 bonus to your fortitude save.

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