Complete Warrior okładka

Okładka podręcznika

Complete Warrior.

Spis treściEdytuj

1. Classes

2. Prestige Classes

3. Supplemental Rules

4. Fantasy Warfare

Opisane klasyEdytuj

Podstawowe: Hexblade, Samurai, Swashbuckler.

Prestiżowe: Bear Warrior, Bladesinger, Cavalier, Dark Hunter, Darkwood Stalker, Dervish, Drunken Master, Exotic Weapon Master, Eye of Gruumsh, Frenzied Berserker, Gnome Giant-Slayer, Halfling Outrider, Hulking Hurler, Hunter of the Dead, Invisible Blade, Justiciar, Kensai, Knight of the Chalice, Knight Protector, Master Thrower, Master of the Unseen Hand, Mindspy, Nature's Warrior, Occult Slayer, Order of the Bow Initiate, Purple Dragon Knight, Rage Mage, Ravager, Reaping Mauler, Ronin, Spellsword, Stonelord, Tattooed Monk, Thayan Knight, War Chanter, Warshaper.

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