Heroes of Horror

Okładka podręcznika

Heroes of Horror.

Spis treściEdytuj

1. Dread Encounters

2. Dread Adventures

3. A Horror Campaign

4. Rules of Horror

5. Heroes and Antiheroes

6. Creatures of the Night

Opisane klasyEdytuj

Podstawowe: Archivist, Dread Necromancer

Prestiżowe: Corrupt Avenger, Death Delver, Dread Witch, Fiend-Blooded, Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine, Tainted Scholar.

Opisane istotyEdytuj

Bane wraith, bloodrot, bog imp, boneleaf, corruption eater, taint elemental, dusk giant, cadaver golem, gray jester, bleak ones, phantasmal slayer, tainted minion, tainted raver, unholy scion.

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